Friday, Nov 17, 2017

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Exhibit at Chicago Ceramic Center 

“The artist is a receptacle of emotions that come from all over the place;

from the sky, from the earth to a scrap of paper.”

– Pablo Picasso

About the title of the show – Azure

Art is not just a handicraft, it is a transmission of feelings the artist has experienced, it is the flow of thought he thinks, it is the life blood of his imagination, process of bringing to life and that’s why it’s said that the artist belongs to its work and not the work to the artist. It functions like the night-time dreamwork that reworks the experiences of the day, revising them in the service of our desires or simply making sense of them by strengthening meaningful associations and eliminating meaningless ones.

Artsaroma brings forth mystical and enchanting exhibition of Indian contemporary paintings, aptly named “Azure” – rays of light, purplish blue in colour. Just like how every ray shines a little different from other, every artist is a unique individual and every piece of art a unique spectacle. Every stroke of the brush is an epiphany, every colour on the canvas a testimony, and every painting a soulful symphony, because every artist writes his own biography with each painting.

The force behind this exhibition

The exhibition has been brought forward by Artsaroma, an art organisation being headed by Kiran Pundir, who has created a niche for herself as an artist and art curator. She has nurtured this foundation with the love of mother, the precision of a teacher and the spirit of an artist. It is worth mentioning that this is the fifty-sixth exhibition organized by Artsaroma in their 7 years of operational existence. Artsaroma has not only pioneered at showcasing extraordinary art and encouraging new talent through their exhibitions, but also displays art by senior artists and art masters from India & Abroad. Apart from the art exhibitions, Artsaroma also acts as the art consultants for the buyer who like to invest in art. They have also created a team of well-trained designers for all home décor needs.

This exhibition has been curated from the artworks by various artists, belonging to different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, education and experience; a magnanimous feat worthy of praise.

What artworks to expect

Being an exhibition of collection of paintings from various artists, this feat assures to give a new thought with each and every painting that viewer sees. Each painting is a result of every artist’s own experience, thoughts and muses. The show links all the different works together. Where some of the artworks have been inspired from the daily lives, others have been a result of thought. You’ll also see works by some of the very senior artists from India.

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