Aglobe: Jae In Cho's Solo Exhibition

January 10, 2016

On January 8th 2016, Prak-sis Gallery started off this year with Prak-sis' inhouse Designer / Artist Jae In Cho's Solo Exhibition on his series 'Aglobe'.



The Artist uses the word 'Aglobe' to express the ideas aroud the building blocks of our existence and reality. He uses these spherical designs to represent the formations of particles, planets, stars, other worlds and thoughts and ideas as well. He finds a perfect circle or sphere to represent the idea of perfection. He questions the existence of perfection by attempting to draw these intricate shapes free-hand. To him, this imperfection in making the marks suggest the concept of 'Clinamen'. 'The unpredictable swerve of atoms'. He finds this concept to be a universal need, urge to drift apart from the norm, the static and endless path. As long as there is entropy, the unpredictability and randomness exist throughout the universe.


"I wish my art works to cause for a serendipitious whim.;"







 Nazar, The Evil Eye, 2015 Pen and Ink, 12x8


Jae In Cho's subject matters are often driven by his curiosities. He creates a narrative of the journey, the thought proceses and perhaps the enlightening moments that were to come through his researches and observations.


"...the function of imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make settled things strange; not so much to make wonders facts as to make facts wonders.”
G.K. Chesterton, The Defendant



Cho has passion for social betterment through good design and education. Thus, his process of making work comes from meticulous research on the subject matters that he finds them to be curious. He believes curiosity as the best method of learning. 


 Director Mi-Yeon Kwon and Artist Jae In Cho with 'The Cosmological Principle'.






Jae In Cho also indulges in writing. More about his specific works can be found at

Aglobe Page at Prak-sis.

Visit his official website for his writings, works and more. at


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