Eun Sun Kim initially was an art collector and appreciator. After receiving her law degree from Dong-A University in Busan, South Korea, Kim and her husband started several businesses and construction projects related to architecture, including the best-selling South Korean window company of 2015. Though she established herself as a successful business woman, this career did not fully satisfy Kim’s creativity; thus her interest in artmaking grew. Her drive to create art intensified as she sought to fulfill her creative passions, and Kim now seeks to participate in more art exhibitions and increase her international exposure, starting in Jakarta, Indonesia tat Art Bazaar in 2016. She continued her international exhibitions in Scope Art in Miami and a solo exhibition in Chicago.

Eun Sun Kim’s paintings’ primary subject is the Happiness of Loneliness. Kim loves to express surreal feelings of loneliness and often the objects are oceans, windows, plants, or typewriters. She uses an achromatic color palette for the detailing the dreamlike representations found in her paintings. In this new series, she uses a typewriter as a symbol of physical activity, making tangible notes rather than using a digital method, which reflects our current technology state. Conversely, for this reason, the typewriter imbues her paintings with a surrealistic loneliness. Passionate blues with other Achromatic colors are well integrated in order to comfortably situate the typewriter within the ocean and/or other objects. Currently, most of Kim’s works are oil paintings.


외로움이라는 행복..
오늘은 짧지만, 아주 깊은 생각을 했다.

내 생활 속에 온전히, 나만 존재하였으면 좋겠다는 생각..
붓을 너무 오래 잡아 손이 굳었다.
행복하지만, 고독하다..
고독하고, 또 외롭다.
세월은 흐르고, 지금도 흐르고 있는 세월이기 이전에 시간들이..
그 시간들이 더욱 잦은 외로움을 느끼게 한다.
사람은 누구나 외롭다.
외로운 것은,
이상한 감정이 아니다.

외로움을 즐기는 즐거움과 행복이 얼마나 큰지 안다면..
참 특이하게도,
나는, 매우 어릴때부터 외로움을 느꼈었고,

그 외로움을 너무나도 행복하게 즐기는 법을 배웠었다.
내가 나에게 숙제를 내고, 그 해답을 찾았었다.
나를 더욱 사랑하는 법을 고민했었고,
비록 멍청할지라도, 지혜로움을 알기 위해 노력했었다.

외로움은 사회생활을 하면서 오는 인간관계, 즉 사회성에서 오고 느끼는 감정이라면,

고독은 존재속의 실존성에서 오는 감정이다.
즉, 자신만의 감정이 아닐까 생각한다.
그렇다고 해서 외로움이 꼭 혼자이다는 것은 아니다.
남편을 사랑하는 일도 외롭고,
엄마를 사랑하고, 존경하는 일도 나는 외롭다.
언니를, 동생을..
그리고 나를 생각해 보아도 , 사랑하여도..

나는 외롭다고 느낀다.
외로움을 즐길 수 있게 되면, 고독은 눈물겨울 만큼 행복하게 다가오는 매우 소중한 감정이라 느낄 수 있게

남편을 사랑하지만, 그는 내가 아님을 너무 잘 알기에 오는 외로움이 존재하고,
엄마를 사랑하고, 존경하지만 나보다 먼저 세상과 이별할 것이라는.
즉, 나를 두고 먼저 떠나실 것이라는 예상에서 오는 외로움이 존재하고,
언니를 사랑하지만, 나와 같지 않은 인생을 살고 있기에 안타까운 마음에 외로움이 찾아온다.
동생을 사랑하지만, 가정을 꾸려 가장이 된 동생을 보며 이제는 내 동생이기 보다는 한 여자의 남편이라는

자리가 더욱 잘 어울리는 그림을 보며, 문득 외로움이 찾아온다.
지금 나는 열심히 살고 있고,
아니 그럴려고 노력하고 있고,

감성과 이성을 겸비한 인간으로 완성되어 가는 세계적인 마음의 예술가가 되기 위해 나를 늘 돌아보고, 
다듬으려고 노력하고, 반성하지만..
그 속에서 문득 문득..
어떨때는 너무나 자주..
찾아오는.. 밀려오는 외로움과 고독은 막을 수가 없다. 
내 것으로 꽉 감싼다.
누구도 알지 못하게..
그 외로움이라는 행복을..
내 것으로..만....

Happiness of Loneliness

I had a short thought but very deep thought

I want to be only me in my life
My hand was frozen after long grip of paint brushes.
I am happy.
I am happy but disenfranchised.
disenfranchised and again lonely.
Time passes, still the time pass and the past...
The time in the past makes me lonelier.

I believe that everyone is lonely.
Loneliness is
not a strange feeling.

If one knows the joy of enjoying loneliness and how grand feeling of the happiness of loneliness is


I have felt very lonely since I was little,

I have learned how to enjoy the feeling happily.
I gave an assignment of it and found the answer.
I have  thought much about how to love myself.
I have tried to be wise although at times I was stupid.

The state of anomie is generated from the social condition. In other word, this is from sociability.

The state of Loneliness is coming from the existential of existence.
I think that it's all his own feeling.
You are not alone even if you are lonely.
I feel lonely from loving my husband.
I also feel lonely from loving and respecting my mom.
Even though I love and think myself, My older sister, and my younger brother...
I feel lonely.
 I found myself enjoying the loneliness and the happiness comes after the state of anomie. It is so precious to feel this way.
Even if I love my husband, I feel lonely since I know that he is not me.
I love my mom but I feel lonely since I know that she will leave me here in this world and passes before me in normal aging.
I love my sister but I feel frustrated since she is not living same life I do.
I love my brother and he is now a husband of his wife and building his family then I feel lonely by looking at him how comfortable at his position.

I live fine
No, I am trying to live fine,
I am trying to be one of the successful international artist by going through thoughtful process
From time to time among this process
I often could not get away from the waves of loneliness and disenfranchised
I hug
I embrace
I tightly embrace
even tighter 
by myself
the happiness of loneliness
as mine

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