Founder / President

Mi-Yeon Kwon founded Prak-sis art association and consultation in 2009 with the intention of promoting a unique vision of contemporary art and design. As president, she focused on audience communication through numerous collaborative projects with artists, museums, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Kwon has a deep motivation to present thought provoking art bolstered by her belief that stimulating work can positively change lives.



Business Development Advisor

Marilyn Schanze enjoys bringing artists and their work into the public consciousness. She is an avid collector and public art advocate in the Caribbean. She works with curators and others to coordinate projects that raise awareness about the visual art and artists of Curacao. Her work involves a variety of media and venues that showcase the art of the island she now calls home.


Gallery Assistant

Jiaying Xue Jaelynn currently specializes in fashion design, fiber, and material/component studies. Her work examines a wide array of materials; creates detailed ornamentation and experiments with the manipulation of fabric. She is currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on fashion design and fiber studies. Jaelynn pays close attention to fine craftsmanship and becomes inspired by a panoramic view of the future.  She has mastered her professional skills in garment design. In addition, she addresses her research analytically contemplating causes and effects.


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