Brian Sindler


In these paintings, formal considerations take a back seat to contrasting tonalities and color harmonies. The effect is both poetic and sublime.

- Michael Greany


Brian Sindler was born in Chicago in 1957. He received a bachelor of arts from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, and has studied at The American Academy of Art and The School of Representational Art in Chicago.


Much of his earlier work was impressionistic in style and clearly influenced by Monet and other French impressionistic masters with a focus on light and color. While pursuing new opportunities for artistic experimentation and growth, Brian entered into what would be considered a more tonalistic phase of his career. Whether in the studio or plein air, his work became characterized by the use of a subdued palette, the flattening of the pictorial space, and broad swaths of color with attributes reminiscent of Japanese prints. Brian’s urban nocturne paintings embody a softness of aesthetic with their milky green and blue hues evoking a dream-like atmosphere of industrial scenes, city lights, and chemical haze. 


Brian Sindler has exhibited widely in individual and group shows. In addition to gallery exhibitions, he has been a regular exhibitor at the Salmagundi Club in New York, the Plein Air Festival in Door County, Wisconsin, and the Cedarburg Plein Air Competition. He has been awarded numerous prizes nationwide.

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