Chang Han Kim

Largely, Chang Han Kim depicts natural scenes in his paintings through an abstract lens. Kim's paintings reach beyond the mere aesthetic beauty of the world and bring forth the symbolic meanings found within nature. For instance, it is easy to imagine a tree and its beautiful flowers as symbolic of life's struggles and perpetual onslaught. A flower petal's delicacy contrasts to gnarled boughs and rough, twisted trunks; however, the flower still stretches toward the unreachable sky with unyielding tenacity and beautiful optimism. 

Kim's work is not solely about beauty, though - it is intended to to reveal the dynamic interplay between nature and humans, as man takes derives much joy and contentment from the natural world. 

While Kim completes some works in one sitting, many of them were created over several years. He believes that returning every year afresh to the thematic connotations of the subject adds depth of meaning, along with layers of paint. Kim most frequently uses a combination of acrylics overlaid with oil paints. He unites the disparate materials and invokes the natural rhythm and contrasts between the two.

Kim often travels to different locations to paint, and it is through this firsthand experience that he can let the artwork take shape organically. Through this direct contact with his subject, Han's work is a truly honest expression of his experiences in these locations. 

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