Hyungjoo Kim

Hyungjoo Kim is a contemporary artist who resides in Chicago, Illinois. Her artistic career has always been a transparent reflection of her identity which began at her place of birth, Masan, South Korea. Kim was home-schooled until high school which provided her with a very unique world view, an eccentric view of humanity based on a struggle to overcome an illness. Kim obtained a Master’s of Fine Art from Hong-ik University in South Korea. 

She has taught in numerous respected art colleges in South Korea. Kim has also been invited to Michigan State University and North Park University at different times for lectures and as a visiting professor. Her work has been exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center as well as in the MIA in 2011. Kim’s work can be found in the permanent collections of reputable museums such as Seoul National University and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition, her pieces are included in private collections of fashion designers.

Some of her art projects have been sponsored by major corporations such as Samsung and Donyang Apparel. In addition, she has had numerous art exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Austria, Korea, and throughout the U.S. Currently, she is a full- time artist and is planning to present her work in collaboration with a famous musician.oks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.


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Hyungjoo Kim's on-line gallery features her works of art with a focus on communication. Included, there are nearly 40 years of work from her professional art career. Regardless of the medium and the various installation techniques, we hope that you can understand her communication and purpose through her art. Her unique art form and her language are created with mulberry paper, a weaving technique, cloth, painting, and recycled mediums.


Hyungjoo Kim’s artistic career was strengthened by her volunteer activities with charity art projects. These projects not only presented important art work to the world but also resulted in donations to meaningful organizations. Kim has always emphasized the human condition in her work, which is well received universally. Her inner voice communicates with basic human needs which resonates in her art. Her soft and calm impressions are reminiscent of bamboo swaying in the wind which brings to the fore a sense of nature, where life itself is created, and the influence of womanhood. A large portion of her artwork is an explicit reflection of her life experiences. Overcomimg her illness in her life which she surpassed has made her stronger. Furthermore, the care and encouragement of her mother during that time made her survival possible. As an example, her work has focused on the heartbeat and the connection between mother and child as influenced by her turbulent life. Her distinctive technique has adapted over time to her specialized medium of choice - different types of paper.

Spirit of Korea

Humanity, Harmony, Freedom

Central to the works of Ms. Kim is her vision as an artist. She states a serious human endeavour that requires sincerity, purity, and freedom from pre-conceived ideas or sentiments. Kim’s art has focused on the revival of Koreans Costumes, and she approaches her subject in multiple media: on canvas she moves between using paint, crayon and water colors; on traditional Korean hanji paper she creates bas relief sculptures, and in fabric she produces elegant and outrageous art. The common theme running through all her work is an extraction and elevation of classic elements from traditional Korean costumes.

Story behind the Bell Emile

Hyungjoo Kim created these bells to symbolize the tranquility and beauty evoked by the sound. One can feel the meditative moment in the installation site, the physical and sensing of art. One day her mother and Huyngjoo Kim visited the Buddhist temple for the 3000 bows. During this visit, Hyungjoo Kim heard and experienced the pinging sound of a bell, the Bell Emile. In Korean, Emile is the also the sound of an infant crying for his / her mother. That sound touched her heart incredibly. Ever since then, Ms. Kim had been recreating this sound of the bell the whole of her artistic life.

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Listen to the Sound of The Bell Emile


Hyung Joo Kim | Artmiami.tv Artist Interview

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