The delectable sweetness and lovely visual of the common ice cream attracts all people, yet it reflects a lot about our lives for Deulnai Kim and her artwork. Its sweetness can melt away our sorrows in a second, and yet overdosing on it can affect our health. The double-edged sword of the common ice cream and candy tell of modern society. Although we live in a world so complex and multi-layered, Kim finds serendipity and dilemma through her series of artwork. She has devoted over 10 years on this delightful project. 

Deulnai Kim currently resides in Seoul in South Korea. Her art education began in high school and she continued on to obtain a BFA emphasizing in painting and drawings and an MFA in printmaking through Hong-ik University in Seoul. Since her graduation, Kim has kept her primary artist studio and residence in the same neighborhood for over 20 years. Her primary art career, including solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, was fostered in Seoul. In December 2016, Kim ventured to the United States with her participation in art fairs in Miami with Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association. 

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