Diana Leviton Gondek

Against the Current: Observations of the Human Nature


Observations of human nature are seen throughout Diana's work. Inspired by real and imagined images, she works primarily with oil on canvas. Her work shows a certain kind of kinetics, and even at times transparency, to color and uncomplicated straightforwardness. Her own visual vocabulary


   Diana majored in Fine Arts and went on to become Art Director at Northwestern University. 

Diana is back to Fine Art and is now an artist-in-residence at Chicago's Zhou B Art Center. She is well established in the Chicago art scene with numerous group shows, solo shows, gallery representation, Artsy representation and multiple publications including two bookcovers. CBS News also did a special segment on her and her art.

   She has designed and painted three public art horse statues for Horses of Honor, owned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Ed Burke and Alderman Tom Tunney. 

   Outside of the US, Diana has sold artwork in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. She was also part of a group exhibition in Busan, Korea. Most recently she was commissioned by Special Oympics to create a painting to be used internationally to promote their 50th Anniversary in 2018 and now owned by Timothy Shriver.

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