Hwi Hahm

“My paintings are a result of spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. The spontaneity in this case is not spontaneity at the moment of inspiration but recurrent of the idea, which is thought through when I experience an object, atmosphere, nature, or anything in my daily life. The visual aspects of my paintings are considerably rapidly chosen because it’s the composition or color that nature has already made; however, the content is very carefully chosen so that the philosophy inside is from the inner self rather than a flat idea with a dead-end. I am interested in exploring the human psychology and philosophy, compositions of music, and the atmosphere of memories and nostalgic reminiscence.


My art does not stop from describing the object from outside but penetrates inside of the object and connect with the identity of the object along with my identity. Recently, I have been very interested in the emotion recollected from tranquility. The tranquility became rare as we live in a chaotic society, but it is a necessary part of our life because society became so impersonal, now that we lost our room to feel the solitude to regain the emotions, which can only be experienced in tranquility.”

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