Hybrids Awakening

By Michelle Stone.

"Hybrid characters depicting animal, human or plant-like forms emerge from a complex construction sharing mixed materials and textures. Originating from a skeleton made of plaster, studio fragments, wood, foil, cement, plastic gel, they are finally layered with a thick impasto acrylic painted skin. Flexible energetic surfaces generate metaphors that camouflage the mystery lurking under a façade

They are my homage to an organic world.


For many years my artistic process and concept has revolved and evolved around questions of metamorphosis-adaptation-integration.

Dimensions of dependency and autonomy are examined through each object and the organic relationships they create, when united.


 The installations are constructed, as clusters of sculptures, on a spectrum from the grotesque to humorous.

 Individually each sculpture may be energized by its own identity, or in response to the space they inhabit.

Together, a menagerie will appear to erupt, linger, crawl, or collide on a wall, floor, or platform building and conducting connections with each other and their environment.


My abstractions, mimic an essential journey all life forms share;

growth, transformation, and decay.

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