Jahan Loh


  • Born 1976

  • Born and lives in Singapore

  • Early 90’s became involved with street art

    • Became involved in the skateboarding scene and drew his artistic inspiration from the skate graphics and graffiti art that adorned these spaces, and

  • Went to school in Singapore’s Lasalle – SIA College of the Arts (left in 2002)

  • In 2004, he began Invasion Studios, where he became interested in and started designing vinyl toys

  • Combines both eastern and western traditions and imagery, both “high art” and street art

    • Example – he uses both cartoon imagery, like Mickey Mouse, as well as religious imagery, such as the stigmata and feet of Jesus (the common and the sacred)

    • Uses the common Asian symbol of the dragon as both a reference to his heritage and aesthetic, as well as a drug-reference, effectively converging tradition and subversion

  • Recontextualizes common cultural imagery and characters to cast these characters in a different light and, consequently, reveal a new way to interpret them

  • Blurs the lines between seemingly disparate genres, including street art, pop art, religious painting, and commercial production

  • Has exhibited internationally, including NYC, LA, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Korea, among other destinations

  • Published a book, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, of his works that documents his artistic process (2013)

  • Designed a small line of tech-cessories (backpack, tote, phone case) for the award-winning company HEX

  • Has worked with Singaporean shoe designers Limted Edt. and Reebok to design an exclusive new shoe for the Reebok 25th anniversary (2015)

  • Has also provided artwork for collaborations with Adidas, VANS, Sony, Samsung, Carhartt, and Subcre

















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