Katya Leonovich first rose to prominence in 1997 when Ellio Fiorucci created her first fashion show in Milano. Later, she was encouraged by Fiorucci to enter the Smirnoff Competition, where she was declared the winner of the Mittelmoda Fashion Award. Shortly after, Leonovich created the infamous “Alive Dress” for Madonna during her tenure in the Gattinoni fashion house in Rome. In 1999, Katya Leonovich’s couture collection debuted during Paris Fashion Week. Katya received her diploma from the Saga Furs International Design Center for intricate techniques and product development specialties. In 2000, Katya was awarded the “fashion designer of the year” award in Russia. Leonovich has since shown four consecutive shows in Paris, and a total of seven collections at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. In September of 2015, Katya Leonovich returned with the debut of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection “Bisected Beauty” which showcased the designer’s extraordinary artistic capabilities in addition to her fashion collection.


As an art influencer and creative, Leonovich began painting oil on canvas works as a small child. Leonovich showed her first presentation in Rome, and later in Cannes at the International Contemporary exhibition. In 1995 she displayed at the Line Art in Belgium at the International Art Fair where she received major recognition for her ‘out of the box’ techniques. Leonovich describes her artwork as being “the antidote of the casualty of existence.” Her ideals for her oil on canvas creations are to break society’s expectations and divert from traditional expressions. Leonovich’s new concept for combining her art and fashion works relates to her concept of creating what she refers to as “moving art”, which to Leonovich is complete freedom and expression. “I want to develop another type of beauty, one that allows the wearer to not only bring concepts to life, but also deliver a strong message to the world”.  Katya Leonovich currently resides in New York City, where she spends much of her time painting and designing, always looking ahead for the next wild inspiration that moves her to create and manipulate the majority’s point of view.

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