Maxwell Emcays is a multidisciplinary creative who began his journey producing digitally created artwork. Stylistically, he references abstract expressionism, pop art and Afrocentrism. Emcays channels his production process and rendering to echo the underlying theme. His work has been seen in Art Fairs in Miami, Chicago galleries, the Dusable Museum, private collection and highlighted on NBC’s “Making a Difference”.


Maxwell Emcays uses laser cutting machines and CNC router to create physical objects based on his digitally created images. Each artwork is very unique and one of kind because of the wood medium and production methods, including paint, varnish and composition of several multi-layered and individual wood structure and pieces. As such, although reproductions of the same digital format can be made, each artpiece is unique unto themselves. Among numerous series of Emcays’ artwork, Prak-sis presents “OFF THE GRID” at GACI room curatorial exhibition space. This body of work aims at capturing the majestic beauty of wildlife in support of conservation. The title “OFF THE GRID” references the style of rendering used to acknowledge humanity's impact of the extinction and abuse of the animal kingdom. 

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