Mihyun Yu chooses to express her concepts via collage, rather than a more traditional medium such as painting or sculpture, and, to convey the feelings in the works, she tries to separate her subjects and objects, the feelings and the materials. The objects in her work release her thought onto the surface of a canvas that is already painted. Mihyun Yu chooses a variety of materials and utilizes different processes in each work, while still seeking to unite them as a series through a cohesive concept or similar construction.

Yu’s most current series, Crying Girl Series, balances the simplicity and efficacy of crying. She emphasizes eyes because she believes that eyes can carry so much information in communication or expression. Viewing the world around through one’s eyes is a simple, fast way to access information and communicate. Visual appearance can sometimes be the origin of so much negativity, such as prejudice or judgment; however, the eyes are also pure and naïve because they can simply express oneself, as well as unadulterated sentiment. This dichotomy between the eyes’ competing functions further reinforces Mihyun Yu’s interest in and exaggeration of them.

Moreover, the image of a girl is mysterious and ambiguous. Often, images of girls are embellished in memory and imagination as primarily pure or sacred figures. Mihyun Yu’s artwork does make visible the intangible emotions that govern our lives, but her work also seeks to detach the emotion from the person, or at least re-envision the act of crying not as a weakness but as an expression of complex thought. That being said, Mihyun Yu also want these girls to live in an embellished, imaginary world where they are decontextualized from other images of girls or tears, hence her use of doll-like animation and manga.

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