Min Ju Kim

Min Ju Kim's works are usually abstract meditative paintings or abstract paintings of food. She finds it very fascinating how much food can influence people’s lives. She had some health issues with her stomach, and she recovered her health just by eating healthy. As seen in her experience, people can live healthy by good eating habit. On the other hand, sometimes people can kill themselves by poor eating habit.


She has been painting very minimal meditative paintings a lot lately, since she thinks that paintings can do a lot for people who are having a hard time. She wishes to give people the message of hope by painting meditative paintings. She usually uses simple repetitive shapes that fill the entire canvas. Most of them are dots that are stained on raw canvases. She considers the surface as another space when she paints meditative paintings. She wants to invite the audiences into the space that she creates and make them feel comfortable and healed in themselves.


When she paints foods, she takes photos of food that she eats or her friends eat, and manipulate the photo by using Photoshop or photo applications on her phone, and use the photo as her reference when she paints. She finds it unnecessary to draw before she paints, because she decides what to put on her paintings as she progresses. By doing so, she feels that she is communicating with her paintings. Painting is a constant process of taking chances for her. She used to use only hard edges and tried to put all the information that she sees in the photo, but she is currently playing with transparency and trying to loosen up the paintings. When she starts, she looks for big shapes in the photos that she manipulates, and put them on the canvas first using oil paints. After that, she looks at the colors in the photo and put those colors using bodily shapes. She does not look at photos too much after she decides what colors to put on her paintings. Many times, she uses a lot of cell-like shapes that are microscopic, because she wants the audiences to think of something related to body and health, but not of food when they see the paintings.

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