6 - 8 pm Friday, April 28th with Japanese Fan Series

& Juliann Wang's performance

Presenting Authentic Cuisine & Cultural Activities

This exhibition is paired with Robert Kameczura's One Man Exhibit 

6 - 9 pm Friday, April 28th

Juliann Wang is a bi-cultural Chicago-based artist, music performer, designer, and poet who works through various media to document artistic projects which intend to analyze aspects of contemporary life. Some of her work touches the problem of restoring the balance between people and nature.  An example of this is her installation work, "Where Ink Meets Sky,” relating to the grandeur of the landscape at the Mutianyu area of Great Wall in China. She explores how the concept of place plays a significant role in our lives via a sound composition, “Am I my own city?"  She thoughtfully investigates issues of culture/gender as they apply to personal identity in her fiber installation, "I am one of them.”  The difference in various cultures is commented on in another sculptural piece "A slow rush," a piece about the problematic shifts in society caused by increased car ownership in China. Her work has been praised for possessing a "magical quality” that imparts a thoughtful sense of play and wonder.” Her work has been exhibited in the US, China, and Mexico. Ms. Wang will perform Friday, April 28th, 6-8 pm. In conjunction with Robert Kameczura's art exhibit at Prak-sis Gallery, 16 W. Ontario, Chicago, as part of the Asian Cultural Night.

The critic Naomi Maurer has called Mr. Kameczura’s work, “Imaginative, beautifully executed work which has the power to provoke thoughts and feelings without sacrificing aesthetic concerns. Kameczura’s landscapes are especially moving, very much in the Redon/Gauguin/Nolde tradition of dreamy, melting poetic images.” 

Collector June Spiezer referred him as, “One of Chicago’s finest artists, a master painter and Chicago genius of the inkjet print.”

Critic Garrett Holg wrote of him, “An atmosphere of enchantment permeates Kameczura’s prints and paintings, as if he opens the window to timeless worlds where the mundane assumes the aura of magic…in his work, every object, every action, has a meaning which enhances the believability of his strange and beautiful worlds.” 


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