Robert Kameczura

Opening Reception Saturday, April 15th, 4pm- 7pm

Robert Kameczura has been referred to many times as “One of Chicago’s Renaissance Men,” a painter, photographer, printmaker, designer, writer and poet , critic and curator. He has exhibited widely and internationally in Canada, Poland, Ireland, Greece and Japan. This exhibition presents the more lyrical side of his work, it includes many abstract digital prints in his “fan series” which, though contemporary in feeling, are much influenced by oriental art. A selection of his digital photographs reflect his involvement in the world of the modern dance. The exhibit also includes many of his miniature “abstract landscapes,” atmospheric invocations of unusual atmospheric effects which are virtuoso displays of watercolor technique. His imagery is romantic with jewel like delicate coloring. Many of his works display complex textures and unusual asymmetrical designs which have a kinship with Japanese ukiyo-e prints.

The critic Naomi Maurer has called Mr. Kameczura’s work, “Imaginative, beautifully executed work which has the power to provoke thoughts and feelings without sacrificing aesthetic concerns. Kameczura’s landscapes are especially moving, very much in the Redon/Gauguin/Nolde tradition of dreamy, melting poetic images.” Collector June Spiezer referred him as, “One of Chicago’s finest artists, a master painter and Chicago genius of the inkjet print.”Critic Garrett Holg wrote of him, “An atmosphere of enchantment permeates Kameczura’s prints and paintings, as if he opens the window to timeless worlds where the mundane assumes the aura of magic…in his work, every object, every action, has a meaning which enhances the believability of his strange and beautiful worlds.” 

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