Young-Il Lee

Young-Il Lee was born in South Korea in 1954. His sensibility, delicacy and honesty, to be specific, as well as hi solid opinion of what is new and what is old, made it possible for him to dig down deep and think reasonably. His subjective personality and rationality has made him feel skeptical of his surroundings. Thus he was able to stay true as an artist with his persistent style, even when distracted by his surroundings. 


He was a president and a teacher of his own studios for college prep students. After that, he has been running a small studio for about 12 years while making his own pieces.  He has made approximately fifteen thousand pieces of his artwork until now, each one of them new and adventurous.


“With inner serenity and passion in humans, my work represents “The Eros”. In old Greece (hellas) Eros was defined as ‘a person who is beautiful,wise and gracious’, which means a journey that makes life exist as nature does: Like everything in the world is created by love.


A beautiful mess, human life, has been circling since our existence. A life isn’t a subject that can be discussed with logic but can be experienced by living, by objectifying bittersweet experiences in our life, This is how I define Eros. Keep finding reason for what we are and where we go.”

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