For my depictions that are round in shape and detail, they are a reflection of my childhood dreams.   The flowers that I create with numerous petals represent important dreams of mine.  One flower in particular drawn with a number of petals is a depiction of struggles and hardships that I have experienced.  All the petals look as if they are randomly formed, but upon close inspection there is a natural order and purity to Youngmi Kim.  Kim is most impressed by the magnificence of nature.  Through this process, I become a human being - as simple as that.





Ms. Youngmi Lee is a living artist; she is based in South Korea.  Her education and artistic career have been developed and fine-tuned in her country of origin, South Korea.  Through her seven solo exhibitions and numerous award-winning fine art master pieces, she has become focused on the representation of flowers.


I tried to paint a beautiful flower  but soon realized that I was painting my life.

A flower is a thing of beauty; it is that which represents beauty.

Flowers are familiar and intimate to people. As an artist, flowers have supported me through sadness and happiness. They often put a smile on me and give a reason to live. Thus, my alter ego is the flower. As I project my life onto the flowers, the flowers project to my life. As I hope for both the flowers and I to be one, I continue to paint.


I categorize flowers by their shape, color, and scent.   The shapes come to me in dreams and then subsequently, my love and my scent are imbued onto the canvas.




The flowers that I paint are:  Jackyack, Piones!  I have tried to express a light and airy feeling in the canvas as if the petals were wings, as if drifting toward the sky. I want to express the strong energy of life and presence through the piones.


The colors of flowers

Jackyack/piones have very vivid and pure pigments which the artist wanted to express her internal form, as well as translate the life’s passion and energy to the audiences.


The scent of the flowers

Flowers in the paintings do not have a scent.

However, the intimate energy that is transcended through the painting transcends the scent to the looker.


Narsha is a original Korean word meaning to alleviate, to fly.

The artist wanted to express the internal desires to fly over to the skies and to space through abstract working process.


The artist work may seem to portray realism; however it also contains psychological abstraction. Various changes in shapes, form, genre, material and subject matter. She opens them all up. However, the most important aspect is the artist’s true and innocent intentions to create the best work possible.

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