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Presenting Authentic Cuisine & Cultural Activities

 Learn how to make Korean Kimbab, Vietnamese Springrolls, 
Indian Henna mason jars & Japanese modern 3D Kirigami

Reserve your ticket by Oct 23rd, $35/per ticket,

Tuesday Oct 25th, 6-8pm
@ 16 W Ontario St, Chicago, 60654

(Food & Beverages included)


Painting Night

 Every Tuesday to Friday from 


(20 Sessions over 5 consecutive weeks)

Register at our website >>> Education>>> Painting Night






$45/person per session by Oct 15th

SPECIAL OFFERS: $10 off if you bring a friend!

FULL package of 5 sessions for $195

(Beverages and class material provided)

(*) 75% refund after registration deadline. Full refund via our Gallery Credit only if sessions cancel by Praksis, You will notify 48  hrs prior if our session is cancel.

Jinyoung Koh's Solo Exhiition

Opening Reception 

5pm - 8pm

Friday, June 10th

Roman Serra's Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception 

5pm - 8pm

Friday, May 6th


Art busan, 2016

Prak-sis CAA/Gaci's next art fair will be Art Busan 2016 in Korea

Stop by if you are in the area and be sure to tell your friends!


May 20 (Fri) – May 23 (Mon), 2016


353 BEXCO, 55 APEC-ro

Haeundae-gu, Busan 48060, Korea
BUSAN  T +82 51 740 3530 / F +82 51 740 3531 

Prak-sis Contemporary Art is honored to share our recent experience at Art Busan in South Korea during the last week in May. We had a total of 15 artists at Booth C-13 including a few artists represented by Pplus Art Center.  Pplus Art Center is located in Pyungchang Dong in Seoul in South Korea. Significant art pieces from the Prak-sis/GACI Gallery attracted many art appreciators at Booth C - 13.  Prak-sis/GACI Gallery will continue to participate in networking and promotional events as well as in international art fairs and special art projects. Great thanks to all the participants and the art supporters to this project.


Currently, we are working on participating in art fairs based in Miami during 2016.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate with us in Miami. Contact: Gaci.chicago@gmail.com

Erika Knerr and Min Ju Kim at Prak-sis

Opening Reception 

5pm - 8pm

Friday, April 15th 

Scope New York 2016

March 3-6


Erika Knerr above

Minju Kim Below

Click below for Tickets and RSVP

Aglobe : Jae In Cho's Solo Exhibition

From January 8th through Jan 30th.


The ‘Aglobe’ series attempts to depict the surreal and mysterious aspects of the extraordinary scales and concepts of extraterrestrial worlds by using line designs to create three-dimensional forms.


The spherical designs represent what is universal: particles, planets, stars and even ideas. The artist's hand drawn imperfect spheres and lines suggest the concept of ‘clinamen’ – the unpredictable swerve of atoms. As the artist has no perfect control over the shapes being created by his free hand, he finds this analogy to be captivating as the unpredictability exists among our daily lives.


Jae In wishes his art works to cause for a serendipitous whim.


"Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Beautiful" 


You are cordially invited to join Beauty with a Mission 2015 for an unforgettable evening of art, fashion, live music and much more, exclusively at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago Hotel. 

Friday, September 25th6:00 - 7:00 PM VIP Reception: Featuring live music, cocktails, bountiful hors d'eouvres& Silent Auction7:00 - 8:00 PM Fashion Show & Entertainment8:00 - 9:00 PM Art & Beauty

Participating Artists: Lynn Basa, Allen Vanderver, Hyunsook Jeong, Diane Ponder, YoungMee Lee, and Saya Da Jung.


Check out Saya Da Jung's line of works.

Prak-sis, GACI Gallery
 16 W Ontario, Chicago. IL

Beauty with a Mission


Friday, September 25th



The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

160 E Pearson ST
Chicago IL 60601


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